Bellows is a tool used to provide protection.  It can be used for various items such as dust, water, oil, heat and vibration. Its best feature is that it is light and easy to handle.
It protects the sliding surfaces of precision machines that require high precision and helps maintain the precision of the machines.
There are various shapes and specifications available and we will produce bellows suitable for each specific application.


Features of bellows

  • Excellent flexibility
    It can be expanded, bent and deformed without damage and can be used in many applications.
  • Free selection of materials
    Materials suitable for the usage conditions such as heat resistance, cold resistance, chemical resistance, pressure resistance, and abrasion resistance can be freely selected.
  • Dimensions and structure can be specified
    Manufactured with dimensions and structure, which meets the customer requirements.

Roles and types of bellows

It protects the sliding surfaces of precision machines that require high precision, and maintains the precision of the machines. Unlike metal covers, it is flexible so that it can be used in areas, where it can be difficult to install. Our company proposes the shape, structure and material according to the application.

Shaft cover

A cover that provides protection from dust, fragments, etc. on shafts such as ball screws

Round Bellows

Round bellows

Elevator cover

Cover to avoid danger of lifting parts such as lifters

Square Bellows

Square bellows

Face cover

Cover for the opening and covering of ball screws and guide rails to prevent dust and fragments from accumulating

  • U-shaped Bellows

    U-shaped bellows

  • Roll type Bellows

    Roll type bellows

  • Flat Bellows

    Flat bellows

Duct cover

Cover used for parts where the mounting part vibrates or moves in a duct

  • Square Bellows

    Square bellows

  • Round Bellows

    Round bellows

  • Molded Bellows

    Molded bellows

In addition, there are PP folded Bellows, high frequency Bellows, table lifter Bellows, etc.

Material examples

Chloroprene rubber, nitrile rubber, urethane rubber, silicone rubber, GENTEX, aramid cloth, Conex cloth, hypalon rubberized cloth, etc.

Various Bellows can be produced, so please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Inquiries about services and products

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding our products.

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