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Is it okay to wash the insulation jacket if it gets dirty?

The jacket should not be washed with water, except for products that have already been waterproofed. Since water conducts heat relatively easily, the insulation effect can be drastically reduced. It may also cause deterioration and damage. For details, please ask us for details of the maintenance method to be used.

If the insulation jacket is damaged, can it be repaired?

It will be judged after examining the damage. Partial holes and tears can be repaired as much as possible, but rework may be recommended depending on the extent of the damage. (Both will be charged)

What should I do if the fastening parts such as Velcro or string come off?

Depending on the position, it can be reattached again. The tape on the main unit should be reinstalled from the outside of the jacket. (Chargeable service)
We can provide the string again depending upon the installation location. It should not be a problem to procure a commercially available string, such as nylon, yourselves.

Can I move the installed insulation jacket to another location?

If the surface temperature, size, and shape (including obstacles, etc.) are the same, the jacket can be used in other locations. If it is used in a place where the conditions do not match, it could lead to deterioration of the jacket and reduce its effect depending on the temperature and environment.

What should I do if manufacturing materials adhere to the insulation jacket?

If the manufacturing raw material is hot, be sure to cool it before removing it using a waste cloth or other tool. Please note that forcibly removing it could damage the jacket.

How long can I use the insulation jacket? In addition, what is the standard for replacement?

If there is no major damage, you can use it without worrying about having to replace it as there should be no significant decrease in its thermal insulation properties over time.  However, if the exterior material is damaged, not only will the thermal insulation effectiveness be impaired, but the internal packing material may be disseminated. Please consult with us under these circumstances.

What should I do if I want to replace or purchase the same product?

Please contact us. If you tell us the lot number written on the nametag of the product, we will be able respond fairly quickly.

About Soft lagging

The temperature of the object is ___ ℃, but what is the thickness of the insulation required to keep it below ___ ℃?

We propose the optimum specifications by calculating the thickness of the insulation material required by the surface temperature estimation.

Can our company or a partner company install it easily? Is it possible to produce it of a specification so that the cover does not come off when fuel oil or lubricant escapes?

We will design it to be easily installed with copper wire, spring hooks, belt, Velcro, etc. subject to the object and the environment. In addition, by mounting it using one of the above fixing methods, it will not come off when fuel oil or lubricant escapes, even forcefully.

Is it possible to remove and reuse the cover during maintenance or replacement of the object?

It can be reused, depending on the cover’s wear condition such as heat and oil stains.
(Replacement may be recommended depending on the wear status)

Is it possible to make a prototype of a product and submit the drawing?

We may produce prototypes in some cases. We will tentatively install a prototype cover with the actual machine and modify it and make final decisions based on customer requests. Please contact us for details.
We can submit some of drawing data in addition. Production data is managed in accordance with the submitted drawings, so we can respond quickly to spare parts requests.

Since we will send the target parts to you, is it possible to return them after installing the thermal insulation onto them?

If you can send the parts to us, we can install the insulation cover at our factory.
(Please contact us for the specifications)

About robots

What is the origin of the word robot?

It is a word derived from the Czech ‘Robota’ meaning labor or the Slovak ‘Robotic’ meaning worker.

What kind of robot is an industrial robot?

Generally, mechanical devices that work on behalf of humans are called industrial robots.
Their manipulators or arms are controlled by software for adapting to various purposes.

What types of industrial robots are there?

There are four main types: vertical multi-indirect robot, horizontal multi-indirect robot, parallel link robot, and orthogonal robot.

Do I need specific qualifications to operate the robot?

When engaging in dangerous or harmful work, as defined by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, special training may be required as determined by the Industrial Safety and Health Act.

What can the robot do?

It is used for various purposes such as assembly, conveyance, welding, painting and inspection.

About Cable shield

What are the uses of cable shield?

It protects robots and peripheral devices from physical threats such as heat, sparks, and dirt.

Is it easy to install?

Yes and since it is specifically designed to be removable, it can be easily removed during maintenance.

Does the cover type change depending on the application of the robot?

We select the most suitable fabric for heat, friction, chemical resistance, etc. according to the working environment.

How is the shape of cable shield determined?

Since it can be customized, it is possible to produce the optimal shape for the specific mounting part.

How long is the warranty period?

Since the durability of the material varies depending on the frequency of use and the application, it is not possible to set a specific period.

What color is the fabric?

Many colors are available depending on the application, so please consult with us for more details.

About Bellows

Can you make a star-shaped bellows?

Manufacture is possible using high-frequency methods.

Can you make bellows that can be used for steam which are made of fabric or bellows that can be used for other than oil and water?

It is difficult to make a complete seal, but it is possible to make bellows that allow steam to pass through.
It is difficult when it becomes fully immersed in water, but we can produce bellows to withstand the adhesion of something other than oil and water.

Is it possible to repair the purchased bellows? What is the warranty period?

It is possible to repair the bellows after investigating the cause of the damage.
The warranty period is around one year. However, it may vary depending on the frequency of usage and the application.

About Telescopic cover

What does ‘telescopic’ mean?

Telescopic is derived from the word telescope. A telescopic cover is a metal box-type cover that expands and contracts to protect the machine tool drive from fragments and other foreign bodies.

Will the telescopic cover rust?

There are some models where rusting cannot be ruled out due to the nature of the material it is made from, but corrosion can be greatly reduced by daily maintenance and taking precautions such as selecting the correct cutting oil.

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