Message from the President

 Our company was founded in 1964 as a company that mainly produced thermal insulation for marine diesel engines.

 At that time, when it came to insulating materials, installation by specialist contractors on-site was the mainstream. On the other hand, our ‘Soft Lagging’ pre-molded product was able to satisfy our customers in that it is easy to manage and can significantly reduce the construction time on-site. As a result, today, our ‘Soft-Lagging products has expanded into the thermal insulation of land engines and machinery.

 In addition, we have developed TEMP SHIELD® based on the molding and sewing technologies accumulated in the ‘Soft Lagging’ manufacturing process. TEMP SHIELD® is a completely made-to-order insulation product manufactured according to the shape and usage of the customer's equipment. TEMP SHIELD® is widely favored as a product as it is useful for energy saving and environmental improvement. We regard these products as ‘Shields’ that protect people and the environment and we are working hard to further improve our products by developing ‘hybrid thermal insulation materials’.

 We believe that machine tool parts, another main product, are shields that protect a wide range of manufacturing equipment such as robots and we have a range of products such as cable shield, bellows and telescopic covers, etc. which protect your production line from physical threats. We named these products ‘Smart Shield System’®

 I believe that these ‘Shields’ products, significantly contribute to improving safety, energy saving and efficiency in customer manufacturing and logistics processes. They are products, which support the manufacturing industry in the background. All of our employees are making every effort every day with pride in the knowledge that they are helping to make the most of their customers' resources. We will continue to research and develop and enhance our human resources to further increase customer satisfaction.

 We look forward to your continued support in the future.

Megumi Kobayashi
President and CEO
Kobe Kizai Co., Ltd.

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