Realize new effects by combining soft type and hard type.
Thermal insulation materials are mainly used to cut off and prevent heat escape, but we are constantly researching new possibilities and effects.
We will help to improve customers’ working environments by multiplying the strength of new materials with conventional insulation methods.


Configuration and effects of Hybrid type

Based on Temp Shield® and soft lagging, which are at the core of thermal insulation solutions, we also combine materials to achieve various effects.
As a result, in addition to the inherent heat insulation capabilities, it offers benefits that were not previously available, such as soundproofing, operability, durability, ease of maintenance, and aesthetics.
In addition, we will propose solutions to meet individual customer requirements using flexible ideas such as combining hard materials and high performance fibers.

Hybrid example ①

Soft & hard combination

A combination of TEMP SHIELD®, soft lagging and module lagging method *.
Appropriately determine where maintenance and parts replacement are required and where heat insulation and finishing are required and use the removable cover and module racking method in the correct places. We will propose further convenience and cost performance while maintaining the same finish as before.

* Please refer to the hard lagging page for details.
Hard lagging

Hybrid example ②

Soundproof Cover

The Ministry of Labor in Japan promotes health hazard prevention for workers engaged in working in noisy environments.
Within the noise management category, employees often wear earplugs and earmuffs to prevent noise induced hearing loss or damage, however this is not a fundamental or satisfactory solution for the work environment, but unfortunately, this is the current situation.

The soundproofing cover makes use of the sound absorbing properties of the thermal insulation material to support these noise related countermeasures.
In order to enhance the soundproofing effect further, we can combine special sound insulation materials to synergize the effect.

From proposal to introduction of soundproofing cover (actual measurements, etc.)

soundproof box

soundproof box

Noise response varies depending on the frequency and location of the sound.
We find the source by measuring with a sound level meter and determine the nature of the noise.

Based on that, we can propose the kind of noise countermeasures, which are best suited for each customer application.
Our hybrid type is not just a combination of materials, as we can also propose products that take into account the usage of the target equipment and the surrounding environment, such as a soft type mainly made of
TEMP SHIELD®, and a hard type soundproof box and a soundproofing wall provided by a partner company.
It is also possible to calculate the effect before introduction, so please consult us for further details.

* Trial calculations and actual measurements may not be possible depending on the surrounding environment.

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