We will attend the exhibition, ‘’SEA JAPAN 2020’’ March11-13, 2020.



We will propose a new thermal insulation construction as a "Power of Ship" to enhance the value of marine equipment.

Another Must-Attend event to be held in Tokyo in 2020 
The largest Japanese maritime industry festival attracting attention from Japan and abroad!
The event will focus on areas of interest to industry stakeholders, such as the development of the latest fuel-efficient engines through advanced technological innovations, reduction of costs through IoT, and the development of automated operating vessels.

Exhibition Name Sea Japan2020
Dates March 11(Wed)-March13(Fri), 2020, 10:00-17:00
Venue Tokyo Big Sight West Hall
Organizer UBM Japan Co., Ltd.
Booth number D-41
SCR reactor thermal insulation construction exampl

SCR reactor thermal insulation construction exampl

From Kobe Kizai, proposal of completely new thermal insulation construction

・ Thermal insulation construction that maximizes the performance of SCR and other environmental equipment that can be sustained.
・Heat-proof construction that can keep the surface temperature of marine equipment constant and prepare the onboard environment
・Thermal insulation and heat-proof construction that makes it easy to maintain marine equipment and reduces waste

Other thermal insulation materials

Pre-molded product

Pre-molded product

Pre-molded product

Pre-molded product

On the day, new materials and new products are also on display at the venue, so please drop in to our booth.

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